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Constantly Updating Email Signatures?

By Martin 26 May 2022

Are you struggling to keep your email sigantures up to date? Your mobile doesn't have a signature? Everyones signature is the same? 

Weather you need to ensure you have consistent information in your emails for compliance or security or just to ensure you maintain the company brand on all devices we have the solution for you. We have teamed up with Excliamer to provide you the ideal solution. Fully cloud based with te option agent for your desktop this will ensure all users use a consitent signature on all devices. 

Want to change it? Worry no more. The central management allows for easy global changes affecting all devices quickly and smoothly. Starting at only £1.10 ex vat per user per month (minimum 10 users) and a small setup fee we will take care of everything. 

Want to start managing marketing campaigns? Don't worry we can upgrade you to Signature marketing cloud for only £2.50 ex VAT per user per month (minimum 10 users) to include extra marketing features. 

Call us today on 01603 400200 to get started. 


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